Why pay attention to cooling?

In cooling your data centre, you want to use as little energy as possible. Ideally, you also want to save costs, limit your carbon emissions and maintain reliability. You may have to contend with hot spots in the computer room, due to limited air distribution, as well as incidental cooling capacity issues in the summer. Additionally, you want to be a forerunner in the greening of data centres by improving the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) efficiency indicator. You actually feel your cooling system is laying a disproportionately large claim on the available power capacity, limiting the growth potential of your data centre.


Cool no more than necessary, reduce power demand and maximise energy savings.

The specifications of the IT equipment form the basis for the design of cooling systems for data centres. In addition, Encon pays considerable attention to seven key points for improvement and optimisation. This may result in more than 80% energy reduction for cooling and free up more than 35% of the available grid capacity, which can then be allocated to IT capacity. All of this can be achieved while maintaining rock solid reliability and operational safety of your data centre. A PUE efficiency rating of less than 1.15 will be within your reach.

Our approach, that incorporates seven  key points of improvement, leads to energy-efficient and cost-effective cooling concepts for data centres. The ultimate concept is characterised by the positioning of the coolers above the racks; maximising free air cooling; and the use of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage for additional cooling capacity when feasible.

This approach has been developed by The Cooling Engineers under the name UseCool®.

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