Improving point 3:

Prevent waste of energy in computer rooms through better controllability

The distribution of the thermal load of a computer room is usually uneven as well as being variable, depending on the operation levels of equipment (idle/stress). Good controllability of the cooling air in computer rooms is required to ensure each IT appliance receives the right amount of cooling air. In conventional architecture, excessive amounts of cooling air are forced through the floor tiles to ensure that even the hottest spot in the computer room is provided with sufficient air. Obviously, this also leads to excessive cooling in other spots and to high energy consumption due to air leakages and to a reduction of the temperature difference (∆T) of the IT equipment.

Detail of cooler units layout (UseCool®)

By placing the coolers above the racks, control of the cooling air (by fans) becomes more targeted and precise. Moreover, by keeping pressure differences over the servers minimal and constant, unnecessary leakages are prevented and the ∆T of the IT equipment is under control. In this way good controllability reduces energy consumption significantly.