Air-supply temperature

Improving point 1:

Save energy by selecting the correct air supply temperature

For the time being, airconditioning remains necessary to prevent problems concerning the performance and the lifetime of IT equipment. Most data centres use air for cooling. Low air supply temperatures lead to high energy consumption. While the specifications of IT equipment should determine the air supply temperature – recommended values are currently 32⁰C and higher – these specifications are rarely followed.

The air supply temperature is generally set at 18⁰C. Forerunners in the Netherlands use a supply temperature of 24⁰C without encountering any problems. Google opts for 27⁰C and interbranch organisation ASHREA even recommends as high as 28⁰C. By raising the supply temperature in a responsible manner you can save considerably on energy, and this can be applied in currently operating data centres too. The main precondition is that air circulation can be controlled precisely to prevent hot spots.