What is Encon?

Encon is a small and inventive consultant specialized in developing sustainable energy concepts.  It also operates as contract engineer for energy procurement and focuses on commercial buildings, industry and ICT.

Encon has an mission

1. To contribute to sustainability world

2. “Good business with a good heart”

Encon guides you through the complexities world of energy procurement

To comprehend the complex world of energy procurement and to keep the cost of energy under control one must concentrate on:

  1. 1.Timing, energy procurement is all about timing and knowledge of the market. This is essential to develop a successful procurement strategy.

  2. 2.Contract optimisation, through negotiation we match client specific requirements with market opportunities ;

  3. 3.Billing, energy bills require careful scrutiny to eliminate mistakes and to generate information for further contract optimisation.

Encon evaluates the feasibility of energy concepts

Sustainable energy concepts are made to measure.  There are many options. The right choice depends on project- and client specific requirements. Encon is guided by the principles of the Trias Energetica:


(Source: Ecofys)

  1. 1.Minimise demand, often this is simple and cost effective and produces insight in the (future) energy demand. This is essential to develop appropriate energy concepts;

  2. 2.Maximise the portion of sustainable energy. Full sustainable energy is mostly too costly. With feasibility analysis an optimal portion of sustainable energy is determined;

  3. 3.Cover the remaining demand as sustainable and cost effective as possible by e.g. procuring green energy.

To find sustainable and feasible energy concepts various approaches at different levels are possible, from quick scans to more extensive feasibility studies.

Encon changes your view on cooling of datacentersers

Encon presents an inventive and comprehensive approach to data centre cooling.  The approach is universally applicable. It is flexible and suits server rooms of a few KW to data centres of 50 MW.

This approach is suitable for existing installations as well as new projects and shows that proper attention to cooling issues is profitable.

Giving attention to seven points of improvement, a reduction of more than 80% on the energy consumption for cooling and an extra IT-capacity of 35% from the existing grid capacity become realistic. A PUE of less than 1.15 are then at your fingertips.

All this can be realised without concessions to rock bottom reliability and operational safety.